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Kirkwood Pest Control will get the pests out of your home and yard and keep them out with our specialized treatment programs.

Inspection, Treatment and Prevention

Our pest control service begins with a thorough inspection of your property, to find every hiding place and breeding ground of unwanted pests. Then, our expertly trained and licensed service technician will design a customized treatment program that will maintain a pest-free environment in your home and yard throughout the year.

General Treatment

Spiders, millipedes, centipedes, box elder bugs, crickets, earwigs, silverfish and etc. Spray around French drain, in floor rafters around foundation wall. Treat in garage. Fogger is released in attic for wasp and silverfish. Treat outside spraying 18”up on foundation wall, around windows and under overhang. Power spraying may also be done on outside of house. (Approx. one hour)


American, Oriental, German, and brown banded will be the main roaches that you will encounter. Customers should empty all kitchen cabinets out, place items on table and cover with two sheets. Spray inside cabinets, spray under sink ensuring to spray bottom of sink and drain lines. Spray base boards in all rooms including door frames. Speckoz Flush may be used around refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven. We will apply pre-empt bait gel in top of cabinets. (Approx. one hour).


Odorous house, pavement, acrobat, and carpenter ants are the normal ant that we will encounter. Spraying the inside of the house you may apply ant gel bait, using straws, spraying outside of house 18” up on foundation and 18” of the ground away from foundation. Gel bait will be applied to any trails. (Approx. one hour).

Carpenter Bees

We will treat every hole with D-foam, Premise Foam or Drione powder, addressing every hole helps to eliminate the family, so they do not return next year.


Customer is asked to leave for four hours; Precor 2000 will be sprayed on all walking areas. Chairs and couches will be addressed with Precor 2000. Vacuuming needs to be completed before treatment. After Treatment vacuuming should be done on the fourth day after treatment. Fleas may appear in 3 or 4 weeks, this is known as a hatching period. If fleas are still seen in 8 weeks, please call for a retreat at no charge.

Bees, Wasps or Hornets

Fogger is released in attic for wasp. Treat outside overhang, Power spraying may also be done on outside of house. (Approx. one hour)

Mice and Rats

Use bait stations on outside only never use baits on inside. When treating the inside use glue traps or snap traps.