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Welcome to Kirkwood Pest Control

Providing Pest Control Services to homeowners and businesses in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania area. We have provided peace of mind from termites and pests for many years and are a successful family owned and operated business based in Cecil County, Maryland. We do commercial and residential termite and pest control. Free estimates are available. Your satisfaction is our primary focus and we are licensed, insured, and bonded (Licensed in Maryland #2300 and in Delaware #961 and in Pennsylvania BU 9681). Our service is a partnership between our customers and our honest, expertly trained and professional Service Technicians.


Thank you Cecil County for voting us your #1 Pest Control Company for 2015 in the Cecil Whig Readers poll!

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Common Pests

Kirkwood Pest Control knows what pests might be bothering you. Our Pest Guide gives you information on the pests that might be around your house.


American, Oriental, German, and brown banded will be the main roaches that you will encounter. Customers should empty all kitchen cabinets out, place items on table and cover with two sheets. Spray inside cabinets, spray under sink ensuring to spray bottom of sink and drain lines. Spray base boards in all rooms including door frames. Speckoz Flush may be used around refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven. We will apply pre-empt bait gel in top of cabinets. (Approx. one hour).


Odorous house, pavement, acrobat, and carpenter ants are the normal ant that we will encounter. Spraying the inside of the house you may apply ant gel bait, using straws, spraying outside of house 18” up on foundation and 18” of the ground away from foundation. Gel bait will be applied to any trails. (Approx. one hour).

Carpenter Bees

We will treat every hole with D-foam, Premise Foam or Drione powder, addressing every hole helps to eliminate the family, so they do not return next year.

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View our blog to find out information that may help your business, or home prevent pests in the future. We are the experts, and we would like to share our information with our clients, and visitors.

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